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07 March 2009

Goats Marching


After 2 months since i started this project, all the goats now in a better shape. I still believe food is everything to run this business (as told by my 'sifu' Brother Rahman). Nappier grass and Palm Kernel Crush(PKC) are the main menu for my goats here. Soon i would like to try 'silaj' and other organic food supplement for these herds.

3 of the females also are now pregnant..hehehehe and waiting for the baby right now...Anyway thanks to my cousin Jef, for his incredible 'Kambing Jantan Macho'....

see ya...

26 January 2009

Receiving of Goat

This is the moment...receiving of first batch goat cross boer .Thanks to Uncle Juman

2nd batch Katjang type ...thanks to MR.Hamdan

24 January 2009

Gong Xi Fa Chai

To all my Chinese friends, I would like to wish you all Happy Chinese New Year, may this year will bring the more joy and prosperity to you and family . Let we celebrate this festive season in harmony and peaceful.

21 January 2009

Goat Fold


Syukur,finally the goat fold is completed and ready for a business. Thanks to my parents as the important Financial Support :) ,Jeffery and Rahman (ARK) for their ideas and courage. Not to forget Uncle Juman, after a several visits to his goat fold at Kg. Andrassy.

The fold size is 40'x16' and located at behind my late grandfater's house in Ranggu. This farm will apply intensive fidlot technique where is all goat will be in the fold all the time. It's means the goat feeding will be in control and it can prevent the goat from affected from kind of deceased.

Next stage, where is the goat???...........................................

16 January 2009

My Ranggu Farm


Hi everyone, ...this blog is dedicated to my small farm where i was here since my childhood. Right now i'm thinking of develope it into livestock farming, which i'v started with goat farming. Thanks to my parents who give supports,my girl (who's dat?), my cousins (Apek) ,freinds (esp. Rahman) for their ideas and motivation. Last but not least Uncle rocks!
Anybody out there who likes to contribute any comment or suggestion, you are pleased to do so and i would appreciate it.
Thank you

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